How the magic happens…

Designer at work


Before any magic can happen we have to get your designs off your storage. Once off we run a full pre-flight on your files so that the finished product will look exactly as you designed it. We check for all sorts of technical issues that could ruin your masterpiece, these include trapping, picture resolution, overprinting, fonts and colours. Once this has been checked and any issues corrected the job moves to the next step of our work flow and a colour  proof is printed out.



Once the proof is approved your job moves to the imposition station where the job is imposed so that once it is printed, we will be able to finish it correctly. The imposed digital file is now sent to the CtP system in colour separated forms (CYMK). The CtP burns each colour separated image onto a treated aluminium plate at 2400 dots per inch. The plates are automatically punched to ensure correct register on the press.


Press Department

When your masterpiece is ready for printing the printer selects the job from the press consul and is able to send the colour profiles for your job to the press so that the ink ducts are set up correctly for your job. The plates are then loaded automatically on to the press and we are ready for magic


Printing Process

Ink and water don’t mix, this is the underlying principle of offset printing. The plates are dampened, first by water rollers, then ink rollers. The image area of the plate picks up ink from the ink rollers. The water rollers keep the ink off of the non-image areas of the plate. Each plate then transfers its image to a rubber blanket that in turn transfers the image to the paper. The plate itself does not actually touch the paper.


Colour and Registration

Registration is the process of lining up each plate so the colours are printed in alignment or as we say “in register” Our presses have a automatic register system controlled by the press consul. Colour control is a process where the various inks blended together make different colours and is linked to register control. Our presses have a automatic colour control system that scans the colour densities and adjusts the ink ducts to ensure consistent colour.



Our presses are some of the most technologically advanced in the country and can run at speeds of 18 000 per hour with perfect quality and consistency. Once the job has been printed it is sent to the finishing department where we can fold, diecut, bind, saddlestitch, UV coat, laminate and make packaging boxes. It is careful packaged and delivered with care.